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In the fast-evolving dynamic regulatory landscape of Pharma and Biotech space, staying ahead of curve isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity.

A high percentage of failures during the discovery and preclinical stages and only about 1 in 10,000 compounds screened make it to clinical trials.

Our expertise extends to the meticulous selection of molecules for drug discovery and optimizing clinical trial designs for heightened success rates. Through AI/ML technology, we create predictive modeling, market intelligence, and conduct competitive analyses.

Our strategic approach suggests the shortest regulatory pathways for early market access. And provide insights into the safety profile and benefit-risk balance of medicines, enabling careful investment and facilitating approvals even before your research and development journey.

Years Experience
About us

Unlocking the power and potential of AI/ML: To accelerate Pharma and Biotech Market Entry: 

At GPLACO Solutions, we specialize in revolutionizing the market entry process for pharmaceutical and biotech products by leveraging AI/ML technology.
Dr. Shripadaraja R, the visionary founder of Global PLACO Solutions, embarked on this transformative journey after recognizing prevalent challenges in the Pharma, biotech, and life sciences sectors. His profound understanding of issues related to global regulatory strategy & compliance, risk management for the safety of medicines, and increasing approval times, drove him to establish a company dedicated to addressing these crucial concerns.

As the CEO of Global PLACO Solutions, Dr. Shripadaraja is committed to expediting the market entry of safer and superior medicines. Repetitive tasks and duplication of work leading to challenges prompted him to leverage automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to deliver creative and innovative solutions, addressing critical pain points in the industry.

Dr. Shripadaraja is an international consultant providing valuable advisory services across Europe, the UK, and the US on drug discovery and development, global regulatory strategy, clinical trials, and data migration and analytics for drugs, medical devices, and vaccines. By harnessing the latest technologies, such as automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, he assists organizations in accelerating market entry for commercialization within a remarkably short timeframe.

Our Mission

Empowering Success in Pharma and Biotech Ventures

We are on a mission to transform the landscape of pharmaceutical and biotech market entry. Through the strategic application of AI/ML, we aim to expedite the journey from product development to market penetration, providing our clients with a competitive edge in the dynamic and evolving life sciences sector.

Our Vision

Pioneering a Future of Seamless Innovation in Life Sciences

At GPLACO Solutions, we envision a future where innovation in the life sciences industry is not just a goal but a seamless reality.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of transformative advancements, driving positive change and accelerating the journey from scientific breakthroughs to global impact.

Why us

Each client we engage with poses the most important question: “What sets GPLACO Solutions’ AI/ML Integrated Services apart?”
Here is what we say on call: If your organization aspires to achieve strategic goals and aim for:

Innovation Leadership

Position your company as an innovator and leader in the industry by adopting cutting-edge technologies.

Competitive Edge

Gain a significant advantage over competitors by leveraging the transformative capabilities of AI/ML

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate risks by sharing responsibilities and leveraging the provider's experience in handling various challenges.

Market access

Navigate the complex landscape with our strategic solutions, ensuring swift and successful market access for pharmaceutical and biotech innovations.

Specialized Expertise

Bring specialized knowledge and expertise in specific areas, providing targeted solutions that may not be available in-house.

Flexibility and Scalability

Adapt quickly to changing needs, scale operations, and explore new opportunities without significant internal restructuring.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring that tasks are performed to high standards and in compliance with industry regulations.

Cost Savings

Efficiency and automation lead to substantial cost savings across various operational aspects

Benefits and values

What additional values and benefits does your business gain by choosing to engage with GPLACO Solutions?

We go beyond providing assistance in discovery and clinical trials. Our wealth of experience and core expertise extends in planning and executing global regulatory strategies, implementing top-tier pharmacovigilance practices, and establishing robust quality assurance procedures. This proactive approach ensures meticulous planning and global regulatory compliance by assessing safety, efficacy, effectiveness, benefit-balance and risk mitigation. Ultimately, our efforts are dedicated to delivering better, higher-quality medicines for regulatory approvals, pricing and seamless market access.

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successful approvals:
26 clinical trials facilitated and completed
0 %
of approvals in first attempt:
Regulatory preparation & submission for 28 products
0 +
safety alerts identified:
2M+ adverse events processed and reported to regulatory authorities
0 %
Regulatory Compliance:
100+ GVP audits/due diligence performed and quality issues resolved

Few Remarkable Accomplishments & Distinguished Milestones

Exploring GPLACO’s Commitment to Safer Medicines and Industry Advancements

Breakthrough Consulting Contributions

Achieved a breakthrough by introducing process automation and innovative problem-solving strategies.

Successful Project Leadership

Demonstrated leadership in successfully spearheading complex projects, showcasing proficiency in resource and budget management.

Creative Solutions with AI and ML

Has innovatively used automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to address critical industry pain points.

Expert in Data Quality and Safety

Recognized for his profound expertise in addressing challenges related to data quality, adverse event management, signal detection, and risk assessment in the pharmaceutical domain.

Efficient Outsourcing Solutions

The company specializes in streamlining outsourcing processes for pharma and biotech companies, effectively addressing pain points associated with quality and compliance.

So, would you think of considering us as your strategic partner?
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How do we bring it to fruition?

Our comprehensive suite of services is meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. Through collaborative partnerships and cutting-edge technologies, we bring your vision to life, revolutionizing the way you operate, innovate, and succeed.


Predictive Modeling and analytics

Anticipate Industry Trends: Our predictive modeling identifies emerging trends, enabling proactive decision-making in the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical and biotech landscape.

Early Identification of Breakthroughs: Stay ahead in innovation by leveraging predictive modeling to identify potential breakthroughs, facilitating early adoption and strategic positioning.


Market Intelligence and Competitive Analysis

Informed Decision-Making: Comprehensive market intelligence provides a clear understanding of the competitive landscape, empowering informed and strategic decision-making.

Competitive Advantage: Gain a competitive edge with detailed analyses of market trends, competitor activities, and key opportunities that shape the pharma and biotech industry.


Data-Driven Strategies

Strategic Alignment: Develop tailored strategies based on robust data insights, aligning your goals with market demands and ensuring a focused and effective approach.

Precision in Resource Allocation: Utilize data-driven strategies to optimize resource allocation, enhancing efficiency and maximizing returns on investment.


Market Access

Strategic Market Entry: Our comprehensive approach ensures that regulatory compliance aligns with market access strategies, facilitating a smooth entry into the market.

Sustainable Success: Achieve and sustain market access by combining predictive modeling, market intelligence, and data-driven strategies for a holistic and enduring impact on the pharma and biotech industry.

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